Sonam Kapoor’s weight loss secrets

  • Sonam Kapoor’s weight loss secrets
  • Sonam Kapoor’s weight loss secrets

Sonam-Kapoor-in-Dolce-Gabbana-At-2013-Cannes-Film-FestivalRaanjhanaa got a good response at the box-office. Watching Sonam and Dhanush one can’t imagine she was overweight at one point of time.

Sonam Kapoor was overweight and as an actor it is very important to look good on screen and to stay healthy. She took the challenge seriously and went for dieting and weight reduction under the expert supervision of her weight loss doctor, her mother and Sanjay Leela Bhansali himself. She worked very hard to shed her extra fat to look fit for her role in the film Saawariya that was offered to her when she was assisting Sanjay in his movie ‘Black’. She has done a commendable job by losing more than 32 kgs befor the start of her shooting for Saawariya from her previous 87kgs body weight, yes she was 87kgs when she came back to India after completing her acting school in Singapore. After losing those extra kilos looking at this stunning Bollywood deva, I cannot imagine she was fat ever in her life.

Here is what she had to say about her diet plans to the media.

Sonam’s diet

  • Breakfast :  An egg white omelette, a toast, a seasonal fruit, a glass of warm water or  oatmeal with fruits
  • Post work out : protein shakes with juice
  • Lunch: Chicken, rotis, a seasonal vegetable, curd and fruits. her rotis are made of bajra, bran, ragi or jowar, or whole wheat. . She tries to avoid red meat. Once in a while, she does have white rice too.
  • Snack:  up of tea without sugar + high-fiber crackers with egg whites
  • Dinner: She will usually have it by 6:30 pm and comprises of Soup, Salad and a piece of chicken or fish

Sometimes once in 10 days crispy French fries are what she indulges in, she also enjoys grilled fish or fish with gravy.

If she feels really hungry after a hectic shooting then in the end she has a glass of soya milk before going to bed.

  • Liquids: she loves to drink coconut water every hour or two; other natural drinks such as cucumber juice and buttermilk also helps her hydrate her body and keeps her energy levels up.

She avoids fried foods and sweets. Salt and sugar are silent killers so she will consume both in moderation by switching to natural sugars and seasoning in her food.


She dose 30 minutes of cardio every day. Two days a week she follows it up with dance exercises activities, Walking and Swimming. She practiced Kathak and according to Sonam Kapoor, Kathak dancing can bring down lots of weight and can put on beautiful curves to your body. Sonam also practiced Power Yoga and Artistic Yoga. Mixing exercises helps burn more calories she adds. She followed her weight loss expert’s advices seriously and changed from fat to fit.

  • Take Home Message: Losing weight makes you feel active, light, productive, fit, desirable ….. Pic your words  :-)

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