• Neeta Ambani lost over 30 kgs for her Son

She takes her work very seriously. During our duty at IPL match between Mumbai Indians and Kings XI, I met her. She was with the players all the time and I had seen the way she treated those players like mother treats her children. Mumbai Indians were defeated in that match but she was absolutely un phased and came to the dressing room and gave a cheerful look to all the players just to elevate there mood. To me she seems like a born leader. Ruthless when required.
She has transformed in last few years, she used to weigh 85 kgs and now she is around 57 kgs and looks younger than earlier when I met her few years back. She did her weight loss for her son who is fighting obesity. She hired one of the best fitness experts and weight loss specialists. She says “So we went on diet and we went for exercise regimes where mother and son did everything together.”…………….. Even some of my clients have done this, they join our package as a family and are able to support each other and thus get much better results staying motivated throughout the weight loss journey…….really good way to lose weight.
Back at home in Mumbai, she sleeps somewhere between 1:30 am and 2:30 am and gets up at 6:30 am does her daily chores then She arrives at her school at 8:10 am. The only time she takes some rest is in her car to the office, she says, it is the only ‘me time’ she gets. “I wait to have dinner with Mukesh, no matter how late he comes home. We often eat after midnight.” she says……….that’s so sweet.

Mrs. Ambani has a simple food; her menu as told by her assistant is as follows

  • Breakfast: 1 bowl of Porridge or 1 missi roti with curd
  • Snacks: Carrots, oranges, sprouts or papaya
  • Lunch: 1 to 2 bajara rotis with steamed vegetables and boiled dal or her favorite theplas without ghee or oil
  • Dinner: 2 gheeless theplas

Neeta was a dancer and wanted to pursue her carrier in dancing but her destiny had something else in stored for her. She still dances every day for good health and her dance Guruji, has told her daughter Isha so many times “Your mother at 48 dances like a 27-year- old. She is my most sincere and regular pupil.” she also does gyming and cardio for variations.

Eat good Feel Good :)

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6 Responses to Neeta Ambani lost over 30 kgs for her Son

  1. This is a remarkable web site packed with an awful lot of details. This page is my personal favorite.

  2. Madhuri Morale

    the information is encouraging

  3. pankaj kanda

    i will also follow neeta ambani to loose my wt.as for my dotter.thanx neeta for ur motivation its superb n u hav done a grt job nothing is impossible.

  4. chinu

    hello im 22 year old guy. my BMI is 40 . doctors suggested me Sleeve Gastrectomy surgeory. i need to talk to those people who had done their obesity surgeory.

    • Sorry for the late reply Chinu ! You can speak to poeple who have got Sleeve Gastrectomy done we can help you with that. But frankly at 22 you should not go for such surgeries. Our advice would be any non surgical weight loss procedure.

      Post surgery life would never be normal ever.


    i am too much obsessed women. i am 35. can any one help me to reduce my weight. i tried with gym and on dieting as well. i request some one to guide me to reduce my weight. hat’s off to neeta ambani

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