• Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s diet revealed

As you all know one of our Directors was part of semifinal match and it is there, he had a close encounter with Indian captain Mahi. It is customary for all of us at NidSun to know the diet of celebrities we come across. Mahi was in good mood after winning the match and started his discussion with his passion for super bikes. He loves going on long drive on his bikes. He told us that he owns 23 bikes right now…. yes 23!!  And wants 2 more new bikes, if India wins this world cup!!!. We all wish the same, Mahi…….

He is very confident, focused and a sensible sportsman. He takes pride in who he is, and that says something about his strong character and that’s the reason people love him so much.

Coming to his diet, I have seen that all cricketers in the team eat almost similar kind of meals as they are served food under guidelines of BCCI so we were not surprised to hear a similar diet pattern in Dhoni’s menu as Sachin has, his diet is as follows

Breakfast Large bowl of porridge + 200ml milk + almonds and raisins, if desired
250ml fresh fruit juice  or  at home he likes  Pickle with Dal, bhat and tarkari
After  workout 25g whey protein power
Snack Sandwich with pieces of chicken
Lunch 3 to 4 rotis +  chicken or dal and tarkari
100g mixed nuts & seeds
Mixed salad
1 bowl curd and pickle
Cricket training

After training


Electrolyte (Gatorade) all throughout practice session

Protein shake
100g mixed nuts & seeds
Same as lunch

He loves to eat butter chicken masala with nan and chicken tikka pizza.  ’Ghar ka khana’ is still his all-time favorite food. He doesn’t smoke and of course no liquor for him.


In free time he likes to play badminton and hates to go to the gym which any ways is part of his daily routine in practice sessions.

All the best team India for tomorrow’s match

And you guys eat healthy and stay fit :)

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