Let’s Crack some Eggs…

  • Let’s Crack some Eggs…

Q. For optimal nutrition, how many eggs should one have in a day?

The recommendations of egg consumption are not unified among organizations throughout the world. Let me give you an example… The British heart foundation recommends eating no more than 4 eggs a week. But the world health organization suggests an upper limit of 10 eggs per week from all sources including mayonnaise, biscuits, cakes, mousses and sauces!!!!!!!.

However1 egg daily can be a part of a well-balanced, nutritious diet for healthy adults according to majority of top Diet experts in the world. Why not more than 1? Average Hen’s egg contains 6 to 7 grams of fat; keep that in mind you need to watch your fat and calorie intake. Eating 3 or 4 eggs every day may add too much fat, which is bad for heart. My suggestion is that if you want to have more than 1 egg then rest of the eggs consumption should be only white portion without yolk. Even professional athletes who do 6 to 7 hours of rigorous workout a day don’t have more than 1 whole egg and rest is all egg whites!!!

Another reason, why we weight loss experts don’t want you to exceed more than 1 whole egg is Cholesterol. 1 egg also contains about 230 mg of cholesterol, which is quite a lot. Since the recommendation for cholesterol consumption is about 300 mg per day, the large amount of cholesterol in 1 egg is almost nearing maximum daily recommended values!!!

Q. Is it good to have raw eggs or cooked ones?

Raw egg has anti digestive chemicals that interfere with digestion. Raw eggs also have Avadin that reacts to vitamin H and prevents its absorption along with other B vitamins which causes deficiencies. GOOD thing is that both anti digestive factors and Avadin are heat sensitive and are destroyed on heating!. So please do yourself a favor by having cooked eggs.

Q. Is dark yellow yolk better then lighter colored ones? What about color of outer shell?

In India we have mostly white egg shells like America but in some European countries different color shells are preferred which doesn’t make much of a difference as the shell pigmentation of white or brown does not bear any relation to the nutritive value.

Some people believe that darker yellow egg yolks are better than lighter yolks so many egg producers add Paprika…Ya Ya You Read it right its PAPRIKA…to the diet of Hen’s so that they can produce darker yellow egg yolks. SO please don’t bother about color of egg yolk either. The thing to remember is that egg should be fresh.

Take home Message: Fresh eggs have the best nutritive value regardless of color. Eggs stored in a cool place and away from any odor stay fresh for a longer period. It must be stored with the pointed end down, so that the yolk remains centered in the egg and away from the air pocket.

Q. How to test freshness of egg?

It’s not a rocket science in fact it is very easy to separate rotten eggs……The method of testing fresh eggs is to dip them in water. A rotten egg because of released gases like carbon dioxide and ammonia will float while a fresh egg sinks to the bottom…Always Remember that A fresh Egg is Down to Earth…LOL

Egg is rich in essential nutrients. Egg protein are best in quality and are taken as standard for comparing the quality of other food proteins. Egg protein is better digested, absorbed, and utilized by the body than any other source. The egg is also a great source of vitamin A, B, E vitamins, calcium, phosphorous, Selenium, Choline, lutein, lecithin and iron…Have it if you can but in moderation.

Q. Who should avoid eggs?

  • Eggs may cause constipation due to low residue and easily digestibility so severely constipated people can avoid it.
  •  Patients suffering from gallbladder disorder (gall stones) should avoid egg yolk since the fat in yolk could cause contraction of the gall bladder resulting in pain and discomfort.

Give yourself a Cracking egg a day; you can relish this inexpensive and high-quality nutrition  in moderation of cause.

Eat Good   Live Lite…:)

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