At What Age should someone stop jogging and running. Isn’t it bad for joints after 40?

  • At What Age should someone stop jogging and running. Isn’t it bad for joints after 40?

This is one question that was asked by my patient today.

My answer to that is it depends on individual…OK just read on…

If you have been jogging or running for a while, probably you can do it for life. So age is no bar, a recent example of this, as you have witnessed few days back when Fauja Singh a British citizen born in India broke Guinness World Records by becoming the oldest person to ever accomplish a run, completing 42 kilometer marathon at an age that few of us will reach and even if we reach that age, most of us won’t even be able to get up from bed without help…friends he is 100 years old… Another fact to remember is that as you age your metabolic rate starts going down @ 100 calories/10 years after you cross 30. If we calculate reduction in metabolic rate of Fauja Singh it would be 700 calories less than his metabolic rate when he used to be young and still he is lean and strong. He is a living example, what human body is capable of doing and he has put to rest the age limit to do high impact exercises. Interestingly he uses to run 16 kilometers every day for Toronto Marathon’s preparation, without any supplements!!!…do you want any other confirmation?…And he is a pure vegetarian. …LOL…

BUT A WORD of caution as I said before, if you’ve not been jogging and running earlier, it is a bad idea to start it especially when someone is overweight, it will certainly destroy your knee joints!!!.

You can even avoid doing it, as I advised my patient who asked me this question, just to inform you that my patient weighs 143kgs and his BMI is 39, so my recommendation to him was just go for a walk as an exercise, good diet and therapy once in 10 days in initial phase.

Take home message:     To start with, Running and jogging should not be used as a tool for losing weight because it will damage your delicate joints. On the other hand, if you’ve always been jogging or running till now for years then there is no problem regardless of weight and age.

Eat Good Live Good…:)


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